An excellent fruit picking machine for varying row distances and plant heights. Designed to be multi-purpose, it has a generous standard equipment, including the automatic trailer and the air compressor for 6 to 8 pruning shears.

  • designed for simple and practical operation
  • can be used for various tasks all the year round: in addition to the harvest, they are ideally suited to summer and winter pruning
  • can be adapted to the special needs of individual fruit growers.

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Ideally suited for the shredding of pruning cuttings, for grass cutting and for any other shredding.

  • extensive range of available cutting widths
  • can be equipped with one or two swing disks (with cutting blades or rakes)
  • hydraulic transmission system which is ideal for particularly demanding and time consuming jobs

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Agrofer machinery

Based in Italy, Agrofer designs and constructs artisanal inter-row machines, manure and compost spreaders, bin trailers for collecting fruit, trailers with stainless steel containers for the transport of grapes, platforms for machines transport and specialised trailers.

We supply 3 types of machines from Agrofer;

  • subsoiler machine to aerate the area between the rows.
  • The FVS Manure spreader designed for the localised lateral spreading on vineyard or orchard rows.
  • A telescopic trailer, designed to simplify ordinary activities such as the harvesting of fruits and vegetables grown in rows, and the unloading of containers.

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After years of wanting to stop undervine spraying of Glyphosate, the opportunity final came with the arrival of the Hermes under vine mower/mulcher. My observations have been an improvement in soil health in the under vine area.Michael Gould - Knotting Hill Estate
Some of our vineyards consist of narrow 2 meter wide rows which makes it difficult to get any machine in to slash the grasses and clovers, particularly in the under vine area. The design of the Hermes HM spring wing system on its outside heads allow for an easy “roll around” of established vines which makes it easy and simple to use. We have found the Hermes is a great alternative to using herbicides in our mature vineyards.Jaden McLean, Vineyard Manager, Woodlands Wines